Monday, July 23, 2012

BBB Doll Certificate Bidding End Date Change

PLEASE take note that BBB doll certificate will now be ending this Wednesday July 25 at 8:00pm!! :D Thanks!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Arthur Court Dip Platter

This Arthur Court Dip Platter does not have the original box anymore, but it is still in its original plastic.  

Starting Bid: $40
Bidding Ends: July 29. 2012
Happy Bidding!!

Rags to Ruby Camera Straps!!

I am in the process of opening up an Etsy shop {Eeeeek!!!}, but until I build up all my inventory, I'm going to offer my monogrammed camera straps on the auction blog.

Customer chooses all fabrics!  If you are interested, you can visit my fabric page on my Facebook site HERE!

$35.00- Includes Shipping

Baby Be Blessed Gift Certificate

***I have had to change the bidding end date on this item b/c BBB will not be accepting new orders after THIS FRIDAY!!  The cutoff date is due to Christmas production.  So, if you are the winner of this item, PLEASE be sure to get your order in by THIS FRIDAY!!!***

Baby Be Blessed has donated a $56.00 Gift Certificate to purchase the doll of your choice!!

Ruby has two of these PRECIOUS little baby dolls waiting on her, compliments of her sweet Daddy and Grammie!

They are fully customizable- you pick, hair type/color, eye type, clothing, tummy color, and....

a special Bible verse to be sewn into your new dolls tummy!!

These dolls are truly special!!

Starting Bid: $30.00
Bidding Ends: WEDNESDAY July 25 at 8:00 PM
Happy Bidding!!

Florabella Collection Gift Certificate

Need I say more???

Well, maybe a smidge more...

A $100 Gift Certificate!!!

The BEST Photoshop Actions EVER!

Starting Bid: $50.00
Bidding Ends: July 29, 2012
Happy Bidding

Thirty-One Beach Totes

Thank you SO much, Allison, for donating these adorable Thirty-One Bags!!  

Starting Bid: $15.00
Bidding Ends: July 29, 2012
Happy Bidding!!

Seersucker Lunchbox

Pink Seersucker lunchbox from  Oodles of Ribbon in Homewood, AL.

They have SOOOOO many adorable items!!  If you're local, you have to stop by!  Precious gifts for any occasion!

Oodles of Ribbon has offered for the winner to have this item monogrammed also.  Please click HERE for all monogramming fonts and color choices.  

Bidding Starts at $8.00
Bidding Ends July 29, 2012.
Happy Bidding!!